It is our vision to reach out people across the globe benefiting and helping others.

Rejuvenate Worldwide has been actively working in the U.K. and overseas since 1997 with various different youth organsiations, churches and Non Goverment Organisation’s and charities.

Global Youth Work

We are working alongside young people in the UK and Charities within the developing world practically. Not only is it making a difference for those that don’t have, but it is also developing the skills and giving tools for those to achieve their potential, becoming dependant on themselves and not us.

Rejuvenate is aiming to educate people regarding the injustice and oppression inflicted on those in developing countries. Young people are the next generation and in a western society that seems to only look after itself we want to develop the next leaders who will continue to develop the work of caring and advocating for those around the world, practically helping and sharing the struggle.

Young people are so easily written off as a no hoper, a lost cause, a never will achieve person. But we believe young people are the very core to the future. Give young people a chance, support them, guide them and watch them sore to heights other people only dream about.

Through the last expedition over the past 18 months we have seen people’s attitude change toward the developing world, personalities change toward each other and young people ultimately become better citizens within their community and our world.

Making a difference

Through Rejuvenate Worldwide, young people who would never have the opportunity because of finance, their background and other pitfalls young people face today, can work around the world with their hosts making a positive contribution and leaving an everlasting mark…


If you work with young people, share the same passion as RJW and would like to work in partnership, we would like to hear from you. Whether you are UK based or an international organisation. RJW is always looking for new projects and organisations to work with and support.

Rejuvenate Worldwide in South America

Although our roots have been established in Africa, we are also looking to work in South America and other countries around the world linking and working in partnership with other like mined orgainsations benefiting and helping others. If you are one of them, contact us.