Uganda Team

IMG_3699-rsThe team of young people from and inner city Birmingham spent 17 days in Uganda working  on various projects with local people, visiting schools and community projects that we are supporting. The main focus of their work was digging drainage trenches and septic tanks in the hard African soil to provide sanitation for the village and hospital. It was hard work particularly in the heat, but fun learning how to use traditional tools and to get to know the local guys there

“to share in everyday life with people from a completely different culture was fascinating. We learnt from one another, shared stories, shared challenges, shared drinks and by the end of it we were genuine friends”- Olly.

By the end of our time, we were able to speed up the process of digging but still we were’nt as quick as Silas and Rowan (local Ugandan’s) who continued to dig double our speed without sweating!

Village life

IMG_3781-rsThe team took a day out of the program to visit the site of one of the recent landslide disasters. This is the community that Rejuvenate is supporting through financial and practical support.

“Visiting the site of the recent landslide was tough. Meeting the father of the three children who died was so emotional, what do you say to him? i was just glad that we were able to share with the community elders a message of hope and our continued support“- Paul.

To see the video of the team and what they got up to click here>>