Children with their new uniforms, now to build their permanent schoolThis village, Kikobero, is a forgotten place. It’s high up in the mountains and you cannot reach there unless by the ‘dancing road as Martin puts it’ translated as massive pots holes and during certain hours of the day, in order to avoid the torrential rain. Children’s Education here is vital, Martin suggests that there are 3 problems in Uganda; Poverty, Disease and Ignorance. He says that education is the only thing that will solve all three.

However, in the last three years this same village has been struck by hailstones and torrential rains resulting in devastating and deadly landslides which have destroyed the crops and many communities. In a rural farming community, this is devastating to say the least. But Martin is a Man on a mission and we are too.

A step in the right direction is the construction of the school in Kikobero which we started this May while we were there. See the website for more information on how you can get involved. Education is key to changing the lives of so many.

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